Overall Feedback

“I have worked alongside Simone from Maternal Journey for 5 years now and can highly recommend her work.

As a Lactation Consultant, I see mothers and babies when breastfeeding is not going well. Once there is a resolution of the problem, it is important that mothers have support to move forward and feel confident with their feeding and parenting. This may include dads too!

Simone has a wonderul, warm approach that is nonjudgmental and nurtures a mothers own abilities. Simone’s knowledge base is excellent, which is one of the reasons why I feel so confident about recommending her.

Simone will help mothers walk through the minefield of conflicting advice to focus on the developmental stage of a baby and by helping parents understand their own baby. With understanding, comes confidence to be the parent you want to be.”

Karen Palmer
Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Bay of Plenty DHB.

“Simone’s gift and talent for supporting women along their journey into motherhood is rare and amazing. In a world where competing experts vie for the right strategies in raising babies, Simone finds ways to help each individual mother become the expert for her own baby.

With great skills and gentle encouragement, Simone combines cutting edge knowledge of child development with a keen sense of people and a love for her work. This tremendous combination means mothers are supported uniquely and sensitively, given top-notch information about nurturing and bonding and are able to make their mothering journey one that is fulfilling, loving and consistently nurturing for both their babies and themselves. I can think of no one better to give mothers the support, community and understanding they need during birth and beyond.”

Lauren Porter
Centre For Attachment

“Simone has been a regular contributor to the education and enlightenment of midwives and midwifery students in the Waikato for several years now.

As a midwifery tutor, I am so fortunate to have Simone’s input to our degree programme, and our students delight in the presentations Simone gives. Simone is lively, yet gentle, always truthful about the reality of babies and parenthood, and facilitates learning in an open and humerous way.

Simone, you have an amazing knack of exploring the needs of the developing baby with participants and linking instinctive parenting responses with those needs. So refreshing to hear another professional giving parents ‘permission’ to parent gently.

Thanks again!

Fiona Hermann
Midwifery Lecturer, Wintec, Hamilton

Nurturing Newborns and New Mothers Course

“I absorbed everything that was said like a sponge!  It was so good to see other mums interact with their babies and talk about issues that we all share.  Simone is so fantastic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic”  –   Kim 

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic service it is that you provide.  Each week I came away feeling more confident in what I was doing at home and more than ever did I know that what was happening was normal.  Furthermore, that it was ‘ok’ to ‘what works for us’.  Simone was a great facilitator who really listened and gave each of us a chance to discuss our individual concerns.  I am recommending these courses to every new mum I know!  Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge.” – Rosanna

“Simone’s advice at antenatal and Nurturing Newborns was invaluable and I had a happy and content little girl.  I would not have survived the first couple of months without our weekly course.  She really cares and knows her stuff!!” – Jo

“It was wonderful, the feeling that everyone was experiencing the same problems, joys and dilemmas – that I wasn’t alone.  Meeting with Simone and the other women and discussing and sharing these ideas.  I think I’ve taken a more relaxed view now, I don’t worry if things are not as ‘in the book’ and understand more fully that me and my baby are individuals.” – Sarah

“I found the Nurturing Newborns and New Mothers course invaluable, and I would recommend it to all mums with a new baby.  The subjects each week were relevant to us as new mums and were presented by Simone in a fun, informative way.  She encouraged lots of questions and discussion so we all learnt a huge amount and it was great to know you weren’t the only one in your situation!  We all had similar anxieties and the support and information gained from Simone and also from the other mums in the group was brilliant.  The atmosphere was relaxed  mums could breastfeed and tend to their babies and still take part in the class.  Simone has an amazing knack of being able to be heard over crying babies!   We were all disappointed when the course finished!” – Michelle

“I felt more confident with each week attending your course.  If it wasn’t for your courses, the support and help you gave, I don’t think I would have had such a successful time breastfeeding.” – Rachel.

“The Nurturing Newborns and New Mothers course was great to ask those questions I didn’t quite know how to ask.  I received many helpful tips and advice, shared in a friendly, open environment.” – Jolene

“I would definitely recommend these courses to every new mum, it is such a new experience.  Highly recommended to every first time mum and maybe second time as well!!.” – Tiffany

“I thoroughly enjoyed the post-natal course run by Simone.  One of the most important factors for me was to see how many degrees of normal there was.  My daughter might not be doing what another baby is but she is still ‘normal’.  I felt the level of support that we all gained from one another was fantastic and I have made some very strong friendships from the course, which was an added bonus.” –  Amanda

“I feel totally more confident with myself and the way my baby is developing.  Thank you very much for your advice and knowledge and giving us all the opportunity to meet every week.  I will miss the course, but will hopefully continue with the new friends I have made.” – Bronwyn

“The course was the most helpful and caring environment for me to learn in.  I was new to the country and new to motherhood.  The delightful insights from Simone, along with stories from other moms was information that I needed, both mentally and emotionally.  It was safe to breastfeed, cry and show up without makeup on during those meetings!  It was a safe place with caring facilitation, it was priceless for me.  I would recommend the course to anyone.” – Heather

“My precious little bundle of joy was born three weeks early and as such took a few weeks to settle into life in this world.  I got loads of advice given to me in my first few weeks from both health professionals and well meaning people alike, however these pieces of advice did not always fit with my beautiful daughter.  Hence there were times at the beginning of my motherhood journey where I felt such a failure for not being able to stick to a routine at the outset or not getting her to bed at the right times or in the right way.  It was such a pleasure to be able to go along to the Nurturing Newborns and New Mothers course and feel I was not being judged for my actions instead they were put into context with my baby and her age and stage of life.  I found the whole environment of the course extremely supportive and being able to mix with other new mothers who had no idea as well was fantastic!!  I did this course when my baby was 6 weeks old an it was great to do it at such a growth stage so that each week I could report my daughters changes and successes.  For anyone thinking of doing the course, I would certainly recommend it!  I now have a very well adjusted baby with a very well adjusted mother!!!” – Vanessa

The Growing Baby Course

“Once again, thank you Simone for a wonderful and insightful course.  I have now done three courses with you and everyone of them has helped me to understand this amazing journey I am on.” – Sarah

Infant CPR/First Aid Course

“The infant CPR/First Aid course was invaluable to both my husband and I.  We both feel that if the anything should happen, we would be prepared to cope with the situation.  The session was both interesting and informative, very well put across and definitely aided with having the practice babies from the Red Cross as I did not know how much pressure apply etc.” – Amanda

The First Aid course is a must, I learnt so much and feel a lot more confident.” – Rachel

The First Aid course was great, simple and very valuable advice.  Plenty of opportunities to practice on the dolls and ask questions.  The relaxed atmosphere and two hours was long enough  to learn the basics and not end up too overwhelmed with too much to take in.” – Jo

Childbirth Education Course (Antenatal Classes)

“Our antenatal course was held in an informal, relaxed environment, with great information. I spent a lot of time reading pregnancy and birth books while pregnant, but the information I learned at the antenatal course was relevant, useful and I retained that info more than any book I read.  Great demonstrations too  the ice lesson (!), car seat person coming in, trip up to hospital and around River Ridge Birth Centre etc. Plenty of info to take away too, leaflets, booklets etc.  It was a held at a great pace, we weren’t given too much to learn too quickly and each week followed a logical learning path.  You’re an awesome teacher with a lot of knowledge and great at selecting biscuits!  I’d highly recommend your courses as essential to the amazing and mind-blowing journey of becoming a new mum!” – Jo

“The antenatal course you provided for us was absolutely fantastic.  We both got a lot out of it, and used the information during labour and the postnatal time  especially regarding breastfeeding.  You were very easy to listen to, we didn’t get bored or feel uncomfortable at any stage during the antenatal course. A very professional and informative course with a little humor thrown in!  I feel your course is essential for any expecting parent.” – Rachel

“We found the advice and handouts very informative and helpful for both mums and dads.  Simone is a very approachable person and her enthusiasm for helping mums and dads is obvious. Her experience and helpful advice was just great and she was always willing to answer any questions/concerns we had.” – Amanda and Wayne